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2014/05/13: Postprocessing Dive Photos with ufraw
Today, we will look into how to make good dive photos. We will most look into getting the colors right. The focus being on how to use ufraw to get the white balance right. For how to choose your
2014/04/02: Getting the ADT to run on 64 bit Linux
Installation is mostly straight forward except that for some unexplicable reasons, somebody at Google thought that there is no need to compile the platform tools as 64 bit binaries. Hence, this article mostly serves me to recall which 32 bit libraries to install as soon as this changes. Hopefully soon but I am not counting on it.
2014/03/20: My Linux Server Setup
Yes, I do have a small Linux server at home that serves files in my local network and which I use for staging my public web site, etc. This article serves to document what I have done and hopefully when I migrate at some time allows me to reconstruct most of my setup. The machine is using Ubuntu 13.10.
2014/03/19: NVIDIA Drivers on Ubuntu 13.10
Installing NVIDIA drivers on Ubuntu 13.10. This article is heavily based on memory and my previous article on accomplisheing the same for Fedora from a year ago. The good news, things have gotten easier in the meantime.
2014/03/18: Creating Signatures
We will show the different options to creating digital signatures.
2014/03/03: Building a UEFI Secure Boot Enabled Virtual Machine
In the following, we will show how to setup a QEMU Virtual Machine with a Secure Boot Enabled UEFI BIOS. This makes for a perfect UEFI Development Environment.
2013/03/08: NVIDIA Drivers on Fedora
Installing NVIDIA drivers on Fedora.

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