Tom's Projects

Previous projects that I have been working on include the folowing.

Business Process Services Portal

The Business Process Services Portal was a showcase of the refactoring operations that Thomas has developed. These refactoring operations have been offered both through through a REST services interface to support researchers in building their research prototypes on top of this technology. The portal also provided a web interface to allow researchers to evaluate these refactorings before integrating them into their own technology.

Pattern-based Process Model Accelerators

The Pattern-based Process Model Accelerators enable users to manage high-quality business processes more quickly by helping them apply common best practices while working with their process models. For this project, we have designed a library with commonly used transformations and refactoring operations for business process models as well as a catalog of recurring patterns that can be easily instantiated. For more information, please refer to our developerWorks article series describing the accelerators.

The article series has also been translated to Spanish and partially to Russian. Please follow the links below.

XML Import from ARIS to IBM WebSphere Business Modeler

The XML Import from ARIS to IBM WebSphere Business Modeler enables users to import models created with the ARIS modeling tool into Modeler. One of the challenges of the ARIS import was to handle the different representation of data objects and the way events are being used in ARIS. This plugin has been published on IBM alphaWorks.


The goal of this project was the simplification of the adaptation and composition of software components. I was heading the efforts by Technische Universität Wien and chief architect of the demo we have shown at the final review meeting. This project also vastly influenced my PhD thesis (Adaptation and Composition Techniques for Component-Based Software Engineering) and vice-versa.


I was key-architect of the WebMon project during two research visits at Hewlett-Packard Laboratories. The goal of WebMon was to monitor the quality of service perceived by web clients. The results of this project were integrated into the Web Transaction Observer, which was sold as part of HP OpenView.

AgentBean Development Kit (ADK)

ADK was a joint project with IBM Research Division, Zurich Research Laboratory. In this project we investigated how the construction of Mobile Agents can be simplified by the use of software components.


NewsCache is a cache server for Usenet News. If you do not know Usenet, head over to the Wikipedia article. In the late 90s, Usenet was suffering scalability issues with many servers not having enough bandwidth to replicate all news articles. NewsCache was my answer to these problems allowing many servers to be replaced by a cache server. I have been working on NewsCache to obtain my Master's Thesis. Additionally, after graduating, this work received funding from USENIX (The Advanced Computing Systems Association).

Thomas Gschwind