About Thomas Gschwind

Dr. Gschwind is a researcher at IBM's Zurich Research Laboratory. His research interests are cloud computing, in particular how cloud computing can be used to provide a safe and secure working environment for companies, and the efficient deployment of cloud applications.

At IBM's Zurich Research Laboratory, Dr. Gschwind previously was chief architectr of the IBM Pattern-based Process Model Accelerators for WebSphere Business Modeler and the XML Import tool from ARIS to IBM WebSphere Business Modeler.

Dr. Gschwind is a lecturer at the Department of Informatics at Universität Zürich. He has been teaching the Component-Based Software-Engineering, Business-Driven Software-Engineering courses, and currently is teaching the Software Development with C++ Templates course.

Prior to joining IBM, Dr. Gschwind was assistant professor at the Distributed Systems Group at Technische Universität Wien. At Technische Universität Wien, he was leading the EasyComp project where he investigated and developed different composition and adaptation technologies such as Type-Based Adapatation and the Vienna Component Framework. Dr. Gschwind also has been working at Hewlett Packard Labs in Palo Alto and at CERN, European's Organization for Nuclear Research.

Dr. Gschwind is a Senior Member of the IEEE. He holds degress from Technische Universität Wien (MS, 1997; PhD, 2002).


Currently, I am working on the following projects:

Tom's Technology Blog
A blog where I write about technology I am working with (in my professional or private life). While this is mostly for self-documentation, it has already proven useful for other people as well.
Secure Enterprise Desktop
The Secure Enterprise Desktop provides a desktop environment accessible from standard PCs from all around the world through an access key. The access key is a small token that ensures that the computer used for accessing the Enterprise Desktop can be trusted --- be it a corporate computer or not.

Projects, I have been working on previously can be found on my projects page.


Recent publications:

A partial list of my publications is also available at dblp.


I have been teaching several lectures in the past and am still teaching the Software Development with C++ Templates course. More about this to come some time in the future.

Thomas Gschwind